Accent Modification / Reduction

Accent Modification is for anyone who speaks English as a second language or was born outside of the United States. For motivated professionals who want to be better understood in meetings, by clients and colleagues. For anyone feeling doubtful in their communication style or skill and would like to build self-confidence or modify how they speak for professional development. For those who desire to interact comfortably with co-workers and individuals in social environments. After completing the training specifically designed for individual needs participants will experience 50% fewer communication breakdowns, furthermore they will continue to be successful in their endeavors well after the training is complete.

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Corporate Speech And Language Development

Advance your understanding and use of spoken language, master dynamics of conversation, acquire skills to speak with ease, clarity and competence.

Services offered during Corporate Speech and Language Development:

Public Speaking, Vocal Warm Up, Breathing Exercises
Fluency, Prosody, Offer tips on how to present yourself professionally

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Interview Preparation

First impressions are everything and when applying for a job, making a vigorous, positive first impression during an interview isn’t an option; it’s a must. You need to be memorable for all the right reasons. I will help you master the content of your answers and your delivery by conducting mock interviews with immediate feedback, coaching, and practice exercises. I will provide a format for all of your answers to ensure that they are organized, coherent and complete, delivering your thoughts concisely without rambling.

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About Me

Communicating with any individual can be difficult for anyone. Knowing how to be an effective and efficient speaker and a comprehensive listener is essential for the potential of growth in all aspects of life. Communication allows for building connections, forming relationships, stating intentions, voicing opinions, reaching understandings, achieving goals, learning, reflecting, and growing. Being able to express one-self is a true super-power and our most powerful tool. For many, enhanced through either Speech and Language Therapy or Accent Modification/Reduction Training. I believe you can get anything you want if you know how to ask for it, let me help you get what you want! I received a Master of Health Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University in 2014. I have had the privilege of working in clinics, individual homes, nursing homes and public schools.

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