Corporate Speech And Language Development

Advance your understanding and use of spoken language, master dynamics of conversation, acquire skills to speak with ease, clarity and competence.


Services offered during Corporate Speech and Language Development

Public Speaking: Gain courage in your presentation and appearance. Learn to persuade and advocate using direct, meaningful and eloquent speech. Deliver presentations to groups effectively, efficiently, and with assurance.


Vocal Warm Up: Includes vocal warm exercises that improves performance of the individual muscles of the thorax (chest), larynx and upper vocal tract (throat, mouth). Improving the quality of the sound made, helping the voice to flow more naturally. Furthermore, helping prevent vocal injury when using your voice extensively.


Breathing Exercises: This includes learning different breathing techniques to help you sustain and regulate your breath during a speech or presentation, which helps support your voice, decrease rate of speech and limit nervousness.


Fluency: Involves improving the flow and pace of speech. Includes working on reducing pauses, filler words, and other speech disfluencies.


Prosody: Focus on the rhythm, stress, and intonation patterns of a language. It involves learning how to use stress and intonation to convey meaning and emotion in speech.


Offer tips on how to present yourself professionally: Support in learning how to make a lasting impression by providing tips on how to dress, act, and communicate in a professional manner.


Provide feedback on your body language and tone: Support in providing feedback on use of body language and tone of voice.


Building confidence: Providing you with the tools and techniques needed to build confidence and reduce anxiety. Support in finding your voice and feeling more comfortable during presentations, networking events and sales pitches.


  • Assessing communication skills: Evaluating your communication skills to identify any areas of difficulty. Including issues with fluency, articulation, or voice quality. Once identified, strategies will be tailored to your individual needs to address them.
  • Developing communication strategies: Support in helping individuals develop communication strategies that will enable speaking clearly and effectively in any presentation, sales pitch or networking event. This may include techniques for active listening, maintaining eye contact, and using appropriate body language.

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